About Sikh Gifts

Sikh Gifts Online is a venture which was started almost 25 years ago to promote Sikh concepts and share Gurbani with the masses. The idea has been to get more and more people involved in the Sikhi way of life of Simran and Seva. Towards this, we have been promoting Gurbani via different media using Gurbani frames, keychains, crystals and pen-drives.

These are all innovative designs and are created by our own team of designers. The Gurbani and it’s meaning displayed on woodwork, picture-frames, car dashboard displays, etc also using other not so traditional material like quartz and acrylic have actually attracted people towards them and created an immense amount of interest in displaying them in their homes, cars, offices, etc. Keeping Sikhi tenets in mind, we do not sell any so-called pictures of our Guru Sahiban and the focus always has been to use these products to ensure the spread of Gurbani far and wide. The designs are very innovative and increase the aesthetics of the location at the same time slowly creating an awareness amongst the Sangat to get attached to Gurbani by understanding the Guru’s word.

"Sikh Gifts Online is your one shopping stop for showpieces and items of daily use, with that Sikhi touch. Established with the main purpose of spreading the word of the lord, with our innovative creations, we strive to inculcate the values taught to us by our Gurbani. On our website, we have various showpieces that are wooden engravings and key holders, with Shabads inscribed on them. We also have crystals with engravings of the khanda, EkOnkaar and various Shabads. For use at the office or home, there are frames, keychains, USB drives and clocks. These items are aimed at providing for the devotional spirit of you, the sangat, and to help you make your surroundings a lot more serene with the ever-presence of Gurbani."

To all of you, from all of us at Sikh Gifts Online - Thank you

Sikh Gifts Online
Rajwant Singh